isis cakes

We pride ourselves on small batch, high quality  wedding and celebration cakes. We use real butter, local eggs & dairy, unbleached, unbromated flour and pure cane sugar. Our cakes are baked fresh to order (never frozen) and decorated to impress. We are a custom-order bakery and for the most part we do not offer products for immediate purchase

t h a n k s g i v i n g      m e n u

a p p l e  c i d e r  d o u g h n u t  c a k e

spiced apple cider bundt cake made with local cider, cinnamon sugar glaze,

cream cheese frosting. serves 10, $35

g i n g e r  b r e a d  p e a r  c a k e

moist gingerbread cake, cinnamon mousse, poached pears, wrapped in a bow.

rectangle, serves 6, $35

l e m o n  t h y m e  c a k e

thyme-infused vanilla cake, lemon curd, vanilla mousse, vanilla buttercream. 6"- $35, serves 6. 8"- $59, serves 10.

p l um  a l m o n d  f r a n g i p a n e  t a r t

rosemary short bread crust, almond cream filling ,

red plums, slivered almonds. serves 12, $48

p u m p k i n  r o l l

light pumpkin cake, cinnamon mousse, cream cheese frosting.

serves 6, $35

s a l t e d  c a r a m e l  c a k e

vanilla cake, vanilla mousse, caramel, chocolate ganache. 6"- $35, serves 6. 8"- $59, serves 10.

t r i p l e  c h o c o l a t e  c a k e

devil’s food cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache frosting. 6"- $35, serves 6. 8"- $59, serves 10

p i e s

pure butter crust, 9”

a p p l e  $23

tart apples, spices, browned butter

p u m p k i n  $23

local organic roast pumpkin, spices, maple syrup sweetened.

m a p l e  p e c a n  $25

maple syrup sweetened, pecans


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