isis cakes

We pride ourselves on small batch, high quality  wedding and celebration cakes. We use real butter, local eggs & dairy, unbleached, unbromated flour and pure cane sugar. Our cakes are baked fresh to order (never frozen) and decorated to impress. We are a custom-order bakery and for the most part we do not offer products for immediate purchase

Christmas and New Years Menu

Buche de Noele

traditional Christmas yule log. chocolate sponge cake, chocolate mousse,

chocolate ganache, edible woodland decoration. 12 servings, $60

chocolate salted caramel tart

chocolate shortbread crust, house-made caramel, chocolate ganache, fleur de sel. 6-8 servings, $26

fruit cake bundt

don't be scared. vanilla pound cake with dried fruits, pecans, orange zest and a hint of rosemary. 

cream cheese frosting. 12 servings, $35

lemon raspberry cake

vanilla cake, lemon curd, vanilla mousse, vanilla buttercream. 

8 servings- $35, 14 servings- $59

mint chocolate cake

chocolate cake, vanilla mousse, mint-infused chocolate ganache frosting. 

8 servings- $35, 14 servings- $59

pear & blackberry almond frangipane tart

rosemary shortbread crust, almond cream filling, poached pears, blackberries.

12 servings, $48

salted caramel cake

vanilla cake, vanilla mousse, house-made caramel, chocolate ganache.

8 servings- $35, 14 servings- $59

spiced gingerbread cake

gingerbread cake, vanilla mousse, house-made caramel, vanilla buttercream.

topped with honey butter pears. 8 servings- $35, 14 servings- $59


all butter crust, zero corn syrup, 9"

apple $23

tart apples, spices, browned butter

pumpkin $23

local organic roast pumpkin, spices, maple syrup sweetened.

maple pecan $25

maple syrup sweetened, toasted pecans.   


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